Future resident Karin


Yvie’s rental has started in February 2024. By now, most of the flats have already been rented out. Who are those lucky people who will soon be able to enjoy the views over the IJ and the city of Amsterdam? Yvie gets to know its future residents. 


Who are you and what do you do in daily life? 
“My name is Karin, 28 years young and since six months I have been working as a dentist. I do that on a self-employed basis, so I work in different practices and at different locations. Also as an emergency dentist.”


Why were you looking for a new home? 
“I have really started a new phase of life. Now that I have completed my studies at ACTA and am working, I also thought it was time for a new house. The 20m2 student studio I’ve lived in for the past six years is now just too small. It seems like a relief to have a separate bedroom soon.”


How did you get to know Yvie?
“It all went very quickly actually. Just when I had thought about moving, Yvie’s ad came up on Instagram. I went to look at the site and I was immediately excited about the S-apartments. Compact, but with a spacious terrace and, of course, fantastic views. 

I registered and to my great surprise, I was allocated a flat not long after! So my search actually only lasted two days. And that in Amsterdam!”

“Yvie exceeds all my wishes.”


Were you already familiar with Amsterdam North?
“Honestly, no. I visited everywhere in Amsterdam except Noord. By now I’ve explored there twice and I love it. Quiet, but with the vibes of Amsterdam city centre 10 minutes away. Exactly what I’m looking for now. And when soon the restaurants and bars in the Maritim hotel will be added, I won’t even have to go to ‘the other side’.” 


What are you most looking forward to?
“Yvie exceeds all my wishes. I will soon be living in a brand new flat, with everything already there: a kitchen with dishwasher, beautiful laminate flooring and a finished bathroom. But most of all, I will enjoy the view and the sun on my 18m2 terrace! I can’t wait. Moving will also be a breeze. I’m only taking my bed with me. I’ll buy everything else new. 

All my friends are extremely jealous. They moved out earlier than me, but don’t have nearly as cool a flat, let alone a communal roof terrace or parking space under their house. Unfortunately, they are now stuck with another lease. Otherwise, they would definitely have moved into Yvie too.”