Yvie meets…
25 September 2023

Yvie meets… Abraham Kef, owner of Fromagerie Kef.

Bleu de Laqueille, Achelse Blauwe, Fourme d’ Ambert… If your mouth is watering right now, you are a real cheese connoisseur. If you still have no idea what this is about, then all the more reason to take a look at Abraham Kef. This fromagerie on Van der Pekplein is the place to treat your taste buds.


70 kinds of cheeses
In the charming little store you will not only find the most extraordinary cheeses, but also the most delicious matching wines and other delicacies. Kalle has been behind the counter for a year now and is happy to help you make the right choice. And that’s no superfluous luxury, because with some 70 different types of cheeses, it can be hard to choose.

“Many of the cheeses come from France,” Kalle etalizes his product knowledge. “Exclusively selected by master refiner Philippe Olivier. He has a special nose for the most authentic and traditional cheeses. With the truffle brie and blue goat cheese as real bestsellers.” The washed rind cheeses are also worth trying. “These are soft cheeses whose rind has been treated with a liquid, such as beer or wine,” Kalle explains. “They are aged by a special bacteria that provides an extra strong flavor and aroma.” The Dutch cheeses in the range come directly from the farm.

Gevel Fromagerie KefKazen Fromagerie Kef

Tasting Room
Abraham Kef started his first store in 1953 on Marnixstraat and quickly gained fame. In 1998, Marike van der Werff took over and added two branches: one in Amsterdam East and one in North. The adjacent Proeverij makes the store in Noord extra special. Kalle: “Here you can taste the most delicious cheese arrangements with friends from Thursday to Sunday, while enjoying a glass of wine. Our team lovingly tells you everything about the origin and ripening processes of the various cheeses.” In winter or when it rains, it’s comfortable inside, but if the weather permits, you’ll feel like God in France on the terrace.

Would you rather impress your guests yourself during drinks at home? Then Kalle recommends the Cheese Wiki on the website. “Here you can read all about the different types of cheeses on sale. That way you become a real cheese master yourself!”


“The truffle brie and blue goat cheese are our best sellers. But we are also happy to give tailored advice.”

– Abraham Kef, owner of Fromagerie Kef